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1304, 2023

If We Want to Save Black Mothers and Babies, Our Approach to Birthing Care Must Change

April 13, 2023|

Aspen Health Strategy Group

As we honor the 2023 Black Maternal Health Week, former governors and secretaries in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius and Tommy Thompson, recognize the urgent need to overhaul the systems and structures that allow the crisis of maternal mortality to happen. This TIME article spotlights the Aspen Health Strategy Group’s call to action from the 2020 report, Reversing the Maternal Mortality Crisis.

208, 2022

Could Music Therapy Ease the World’s Dementia Crisis?

August 2, 2022|

NeuroArts Blueprint

Susan Magsamen, codirector of the NeuroArts Blueprint initiative, which is spearheaded by the International Arts+Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins University and HMS, is quoted in a Dana Foundation article exploring the therapeutic potential of music. The piece describes the NeuroArts Blueprint initiative and links to the project website.

2706, 2022

HHS Secretaries: Looking Ahead, Looking Back

June 27, 2022|

Aspen Ideas Health

An Aspen Ideas Health 2022 conversation with two former US Department of Health and Human Services Secretaries is highlighted in a Health Affairs blog. Alex Azar and Donna Shalala talk about their proudest achievements, the hardest decisions they had to make, how they oversee a $1.8 trillion budget, and the advice they have for their successors. Learn what it’s like to be in the hot seat every day, grappling with Medicaid expansion, disease outbreaks, health at the border, Congressional pressure, food safety, medical research priorities, and children’s wellbeing—sometimes all at once.

1506, 2022

Reducing the Health Harms Of Incarceration: Five Big Ideas From the Aspen Health Strategy Group

June 15, 2022|

Aspen Health Strategy Group

Aspen Health Strategy Group cochair Bill Frist calls for more attention to the poor health of the incarcerated population and the widespread harm it causes in an op-ed published in Forbes. Action steps to reduce the harm: repeal the Medicaid exclusion for this population, prioritize health in correctional systems, upgrade quality standards of carceral health, coordinate care within and outside carceral settings, and dramatically reduce the level and consequences of incarceration.

106, 2022

White House Blueprint for Addressing the Maternal Health Crisis

June 1, 2022|

Aspen Health Strategy Group

The Aspen Health Strategy Group’s report, Reversing the U.S. Maternal Mortality Crisis, is highlighted in the White House Blueprint for Addressing the Maternal Health Crisis. Spearheaded by Vice President Kamala Harris, this call to action describes a series of investments and other commitments to support safe pregnancies and childbirth and to reduce post-partum complications.

Recent Releases

607, 2023

Advancing LGBTQ+ People in STEM Careers

July 6, 2023|

Science & Society

In this report, the Science & Society program embarked on convening a roundtable discussion with international, cross-sector, LGBTQ+ STEM colleagues and set out to explore some of the barriers facing LGBTQ+ inclusion in STEM around the world. The aim is to inspire action within the STEM community, including corporate, research, academic, and nonprofit sectors, and pushes for intersectional policy change to build more inclusive spaces that ultimately benefit us all.

803, 2023

Protecting Health Data Privacy and Improving Patient Care

March 8, 2023|

Aspen Health Strategy Group

This Aspen Health Strategy Group report offers five big ideas for protecting health data privacy and improving patient care. Action steps include: Congress should update federal health data privacy laws, health data privacy laws should reflect social norms, all entities that hold health data should have clear policies, health sector leaders should advance a new covenant of health data use and consumer participation in health data privacy practices should become the norm. Background papers provide a fuller context for these ideas.

303, 2023

Clinical Trial Diversity Advancing Scientific Discovery and Equity

March 3, 2023|

Science & Society

In late 2022, the Aspen Institute Science & Society Program convened a group of esteemed individuals for a moderated virtual discussion on how to increase diversity in clinical trial research. This report, publicly available to members of the scientific and medical communities, contains a summary of key points made by the participants, along with supporting literature.
902, 2023

Progress Report: Building the Neuroarts Field 2022-2023

February 9, 2023|

NeuroArts Blueprint

Dedicated to strengthening the essential role that the arts can play in advancing health and wellbeing, neuroarts has captured the attention of an expanding network of researchers, practitioners, arts groups, health providers, and other public sector and private sector organizations. Learn how the NeuroArts Blueprint is advancing research, practice, education, policymaking, advocacy, leadership, and communications in this emerging field.

902, 2023

A Blueprint for Equitable AI

February 9, 2023|

Science & Society

The Science & Society Program convened two diverse groups of cross-sector experts to discuss how they would advise building and distributing artificial intelligence for equitable outcomes, and summarized the discussions in a publicly available report, A Blueprint for Equitable AI.

1110, 2022

In Favor of Pure Science

October 11, 2022|

Science & Society

This Science & Society report, In Favor of Pure Science, assesses the current state of basic science around the world, creates a forum for discussion among scientific leaders, and provides guidance on how basic science can be supported and advanced internationally. It was developed in collaboration with Aspen Institute international partners in 13 countries.

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